Types of Training

Werner Training and Consulting, Inc. provides the following training services:

 Graphpaper_bullet_green  Course Development
Graphpaper_bullet_default   Customized Training
Graphpaper_bullet_red  Instruction (Course Delivery)

We specialize in technical training for computer systems and network security, network infrastructure, servers, and operating systems and software deployment. Are you interested in having Werner Training and Consulting, Inc. provide training services for you? Let us know. For further information please also consider reading more about our Expertise and Technical Focus Areas. We also provide IT architecture consulting.

Are you interested in having Werner Training and Consulting, Inc. teach you how to write software, or coach you on developing software for a mobile device? Please send us a request. We also provide complete software development services.

Training Methodology

At Werner Training and Consulting, Inc. there isn’t really a line of separation between consulting and training – they’re nearly aspects of the same thing – knowledge sharing. Yet in this apparent dichotomy, we can speak in a manner of degrees – the more our efforts are customized to your environment, the more consulting-like they may seem. This is not to say however, that your customization precludes knowledge sharing, thus if we instead look at these two ways of sharing skills as two separate dimensions, we can more easily see that they are indeed not mutually exclusive.

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Resolution and Transfer

In other words, the words “Training” and “Consulting” in the name Werner Training and Consulting, Inc. are intentionally targeted at describing the two axes of the table below. This table is derived from one found in Alan Weiss’ book Million Dollar Consulting, which he dedicated “…to educators everywhere. Theirs is the noblest of all callings.”

Resolution and Transfer
Resolution and Transfer

It is the transfer of skills which runs along the horizonal axis of this figure as indicated at the bottom with the example “teach to fish.” Of course, we don’t teach courses in fishing, but rather computer and network system design, implementation, management, programming, and other related topics.

Helping organizations resolve issues with their networks and systems is illustrated on in degrees along the vertical axis, again with the example of “catching a fish.”

Instructor-Collaborator Realm

Of course, we try to stay out of the “analyst corner” where both the skill transfer and issue resolution are rather low – we would rather help you resolve issues as well as learn how to resolve them in the future. Thus, we’d rather stay in the realm between instructor and collaborator roles, however you can use the figure above to let us know what you really need. Facilitation of skill transfer and resolution of issues is a balance which we enjoy.

Instructor-Collaborator Realm
Instructor-Collaborator Realm

Thus, because the traditional words “training” and “consulting” can be viewed as two dimensions of the same problem space, we really rarely provide pure training unless you’d like pure lecture about generic theory below the interventionist-commentator level on the scale of problem resolution. Because we use real-world examples in our training, and almost always facilitate lab exercises, it’s likely that some of your issues will be resolved as a result.

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