Who are We?

Werner Training and Consulting, Inc. (WT&C) is a software and training development company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1995, we’ve been providing software, software services, training materials, and customized training for over nineteen years.

We provide software, consulting, and training in computer and network system design, implementation, management, programming, and other related topics.

What can we do for you?

The primary elements of our services include:

The order listed here is intentional. Many organizations have information technology (IT) staff who can be trained, thus training is our primary focus and business. Even when you use our consulting services, we provide documentation for your staff or future consultants so that you can continue to benefit from these services without needing to depend on us.

Werner Training and Consulting, Inc. can help you…
  • deliver systems faster without increasing your full-time staff

  • get the expertise you need in key skill areas, such as systems architecture, support, and security

  • integrate several programs into a single, cohesive package

  • deliver hands-on training to equip your staff with skills based on balanced lecture and lab work so that you don’t need our consulting services

  • customize training to meet your needs, including your systems architecture, policies, procedures, and politics

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